CABLE Bioeconomy Policy Roundtable

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Cable Ambassadors

headshot of Leyla

Leyla Battista-Channell

Leyla Battista-Channell graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Biosystems Engineering in 2018 from Auburn University. She is currently a Master’s student in Interdisciplinary Engineering as well as a project engineer and CAD manager at Ed W. Smith Machine Works. Her participation in the CABLE program began in 2017 as a student delegate for cohort 1 and has extended into the final year of the CABLE program as a cohort 4 delegate. She is also a member of the CABLE initiative aimed at continuing the efforts of CABLE past 2021. Additionally, she co-founded and still runs a green technology startup focused on improving the efficiency and sustainability of building management systems.

headshot of Maggie

Maggie Elliot

Maggie Elliot is the Director of Recruitment and Student Engagement at the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Idaho. She is a science communicator with experience working for the DOE at the Office of River Protection. Her research agenda examines how an individual’s worldview and opinions shape their interpretation of scientific messages. Maggie has a bachelors degree in Agricultural Science, Communications, and Leadership from the University of Idaho, a masters degree in Agricultural Communications from Texas Tech University, and served as a member of the second CABLE cohort.

headshot of Kiara

Kiara Macdonald

Kiara Macdonald is finishing her bachelor's degree in Biosystems Engineering at Auburn University. She is also preparing to start her master's degree in Biological Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech. Her studies will be focused on life cycle assessment of green infrastructure and storm water systems. She aspires to work as an engineering consultant, and one day hopes to become a professor at a four-year institution. Ms. Macdonald is working to combine her education and industry experience to inspire others to achieve a sustainable world.

headshot of Joanna

Joanna Quiah

Joanna Quiah is a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow in Biological and Agricultural Engineering at North Carolina State University, studying the potential usage of bivalve aquaculture to mitigate coastal erosion. She also works as a Water Resources Engineering Consultant for Freese and Nichols, Inc. in addition to her role with the CABLE Policy Team. Joanna's motivation as a bioeconomy advocate is her commitment to identifying achievable sustainability goals that will simultaneously secure and enhance the U.S. economy. 

headshot of Ujala

Ujala Sehar

Ujala Sehar is a last-year Ph.D. student at New Mexico State University, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences. Her doctoral research focuses on an extremophile alga, Galderia sulphuraria's ability to grow under diverse environments and to produce cellulolytic enzymes. 

Ms. Sehar holds a master’s degree in Biotechnology and a bachelor's degree in Bioinformatics from the Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan. In her Master's degree, she investigated the potential of macroalgae of the Arabian Sea for biofuels production.

A profound reader, she enjoys reading spiritualism, novels, philosophical and mystical fiction. Ms. Sehar also loves to travel, connect with people, and immerse herself in diverse cultures.